Yet we cant seem to slow it straight down.

Based on the ‘multiple-strike theory’, all cancers occur from at least two adjustments or ‘hits’ to cellular genes. As the dual hits build-up, a breaking stage is reached and tumor is switched on eventually. These hits shall more than likely come from among the 28 factors listed below. The most critical factors are the number and kind of carcinogenic hits, their rate of recurrence, and their intensity. A few of these hits are cancer ‘initiators’ while some are ‘promoters’. Either real way, it is smart to prevent and/or counteract as much of these as possible: 1. Viral, bacterial, and fungal attacks 2.You can get them at sadomasochism conventions. I haven’t been to one, but I understand they are quite an event. As you wander the aisles, you see scores of slaves and masters. It’s pretty obvious who is in which function. All you need to do is see who’s wearing the training collar and leash. Occasionally I think the sadomasochists possess one up on ordinary people: At least they are playing the control video game intentionally. At least they are exploring their desire to control and become controlled, which is far from the awareness of the average person, who often harbors these desires subconsciously. Your average person does not have a clue how he’s unconsciously content to be programmed, for example, by a power lifestyle that will not have individual health insurance and happiness at heart necessarily.