Writing in the Journal of Medical Biography.

Writing in the Journal of Medical Biography, said pediatrician Dr. Armond Goldman and colleagues of of Roosevelt ‘s symptoms are similar to those of polio, which can be caused by a virus, crippling side effects caused. His illness bowel. Fever, when he first sick and permanent paralysis of some lower muscles. But others were ‘inconsistent with paralytic poliomyelitis that affects motor neurons, but were typical of Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disease that damages sensory and motor nerves, ‘Goldman said in a statement.

Tested summarized , the two individual studies for the meta-analysis of the same patient population with similar baseline demographics, the same primary endpoint of time used until disease progression with and were placebo-controlled, double-blind, multinational studies.On this research about this research to New England Journal of Medicine .

If a third dose of can to the immune response of more participants, remains to be seen. The scientists say they plan to for administering to third doses. You also that by the addition of chemicals, such as alum or MF59, it may be possible to sneezes,r of dose. Since there are now two type of viruses logs , it is not known if this vaccine offers protection against either.