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15 ed doctors .7 percent of North Carolina women receive delayed or no prenatal care 28 Percent of Women Live in a Medically Underserved Area In releasing a new report on maternal wellness nationwide, Amnesty International today revealed that flaws and shocking disparities in maternal healthcare that the federal government is ignoring lead to two to three women dying daily in the usa from pregnancy-related complications, with half of these deaths believed preventable, according to the Centers for Disease Control. A state-by-state examination implies that North Carolina is definitely 37th on a maternal mortality rank, with 11.4 deaths per 100,000 live births. The brand new Amnesty International statement, Deadly Delivery: The Maternal HEALTHCARE Crisis in the USA, also reveals that serious pregnancy-related complications that almost cause death – – known as near misses – – are increasing at an alarming rate, increasing by 25 % since 1998; nearly 34 currently,000 women annually knowledge a near miss during delivery.

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