Will need heart from developments in treatment for his or her conditions.

The LDN Research Trust includes a database of over 3,000 people using LDN treatments in the UK. Among the small number of methods administering LDN in the UK, Dr Gilhooly and his fellow Gps navigation at The Essential Wellness Clinic are hoping to raise the profile of LDN. Dr Gilhooly responses LDN treatment can certainly help a better standard of living for both long-term victims and those newly diagnosed. I am hoping the conference will result in many more patients becoming aware that this could be a treatment for them. Dr Jarred Younger of Stanford University will present some of his exciting findings on the use of LDN in Fibromyalgia and can highlight several individual testimonies about them. The conference will look at the partnership between LDN and CCSVI also, the new vascular disorder causing much excitement in the world of MS.‘Effectively, it is certainly an early warning program,’ explains Juris Lauznis, Director of Integris, the project’s business lead partner. ‘If HEART GUARD detects a problem, sufferers are alerted by means of vibration or a buzzer, prompting them to check on their PC for further information and advice. At the minimum, the device will help to monitor and manage a patient’s condition – and it might even save a existence.’ Currently HEART GUARD is being developed for home use only, with sufferers monitoring their own condition and just contacting a doctor or hospital if the machine identifies a cause for concern.