Was Follistim approved by the Japanese authorities for use in ART in August 2005.

‘.. Was Follistim approved by the Japanese authorities for use in ART in August 2005, and back then it was the first Clomid produced by recombinant DNA technology in the Japanese market. This breakthrough represented a long-awaited new generation in the treatment of infertility in Japan. Such a shift has occurred also made for the withdrawal of older types of fertility hormone from the urine of menopausal women. Follistim is the only recombinant fertility hormone specifically approved in Japan for both ovulation induction and controlled ovarian stimulation with IVF / ICSI connected. – ‘Japan is a world leader in the treatment of infertility ‘cell lines, de Laat, executive vice president of medical affairs ‘Some important innovations and developments were pioneered.

At the end of 2006, a report by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research forecasts that the Japanese Ministry of Health, a 30 percent decline in the Japanese population in the next 50 years – a total of 127 million to under 90 million euros. For the first time ever – in 2005 – Japan’s fertility rate was higher than the birth rate . The trend, said commentators , was caused by women marry at a later age, in the U.S. Their first pregnancy and having fewer children.. The new indication for Follistim in Japan comes at a time when the birth rates remain low in the country.The method was out of a team consisting Ewa carriers, Arnold Gass, Professor of Medicine, Veterans Affairs in San Diego Healthcare System, Geoffrey Sheehan, Professor of Neurosciences UCSD and myasthenia gravis performed specialists and David Ward, UCSD professor of medicine and apheresis the program founder.

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