This study shows that curcumin can work in the mouths of patients with head and neck cancer.

This study shows that curcumin can work in the mouths of patients with head and neck cancer, and reduce cancer growth. Cancer growth.and it is not only the cancer by inhibiting critical cell signaling pathway affected, but also affected the saliva sample itself by reducing the pro-inflammatory cytokines saliva. Curcumin, Because of its anti-inflammatory effect has turmeric for a long time to have medicinal properties, known A naturally occurring spice, is widely used in South Asian and Middle Eastern cooking can investigations show that can turmeric growth. To suppress certain types of cancer for several years, women in India this spice has smeared as an anti-aging agent in her skin menstrual cramps menstrual cramps and to help as a poultice on the skin to heal wounds.

Find ways to treat head and neck cancer is more effective depends on how often patients require disfiguring surgery, often losing parts of their tongue or mouth, as experience some experience some side effects, such as difficulty swallowing, dry mouth and the potential to oral for the development of other cancer in the future.

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