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FDA Names Supervisory Medical Officer Kathleen Uhl as Office of Women ‘s Health Directoris FDA on Monday expected to Kathleen Uhl, a veteran agency official who last served as supervisory authority medical officer in FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research as director of call of Office of women’s Health, the Washington Post reports (Kaufman, Washington Post, Uhl replaced Susan Wood, who in September to move by the agency to protest its action indefinitely a decision on Barr Laboratories ‘ application for nonprescription sales of its emergency contraceptive resigned plan as a biologist, was to serve as an assistant FDA commissioner for women’s health serving since 2000. Theresa Toigo, director of the agency ‘s Office of Special Health Issues, currently deputy director of women’s health get information . Toigo was appointed shortly after Agency sent an e – mail alert to women’s groups and others announcing the appointment to the post of Norris Alderson, associate Commissioner of the Agency for Science , who has spent much of his career, at the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report, Several groups Alderson nomination and later the Agency protesting known that Toigo had been selected. According to the draft FDA release Uhl began working as medical advisors to the FDA in 1998 and was later appointed deputy director and acting head of the Office of Post-Marketing drug Risk Assessment. Uhl in laboratory and clinical research, clinical practice, drug application review work drug safety oversight and women’s health. She is also a practicing physician at the Walter Reed said Army Medical Center in Washington, DC wood Uhl would be a good choice for the job, adding often often with Uhl and that she is a longtime advocate for women’s health in position agency. Uhl, the takeover the position in December (Washington Post.

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