The participants were on average 75 years old and nearly 90 % were Caucasian.

The participants were on average 75 years old and nearly 90 % were Caucasian. All were healthy and living in one of the six communities, geographically representative of the United States: San Diego, California, Palo Alto, Calif., Pittsburgh, Pa., Minneapolis, Minnesota, Birmingham, Alabama, and Portland, The study was conducted by California Pacific Medical Center coordinated.

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In this prospective, multicenter, randomized clinical trial, of 121 patients with diabetes mellitus between August 2008 and December 2010, Avatar Join in of four clinical Centres the United States. Inclusion criteria insulin or non-insulin dependent diabetes patient, limit severe lifestyle claudication and ischemic ulcers and SFA lesions requiring NSEs? on and 60 mm long.

Seventy-four patients were randomized to with 90 SFA lesions are cryoplasty or conventional balloon angioplasty Their mean age was 64 and 88 percent had.? males. Mean hemoglobin A1C was 7.6 g / dL. The baseline ankle-brachial index was 0.21 and 0.19 in cryoplasty and CBA group of. Banerjee, was 12 months the SFA NSEs define binary in-segment restenosis and 2.5-fold increase in peak systolic velocity of duplex ultrasonography? The rate of occurrence was 55.8 percent of the conventional Ballon groups and 29.3 percent for the group of cryoplasty.