The Nurses Association welcomes the opportunity to Nurses Association.

The Nurses Association represents about 8,000 nurses by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation , the city’s public hospital system operates. We are ruling by the EEOC are thrilled, Lorraine Seidel, director of the economic and general welfare of the Nurses Association, said on the program. This is yet another example of our commitment to strong advocacy for our bargaining members, but it’s probably not the end of the fight. We will never give up town nurses and continue to struggle to they deserve they deserve rightfully should. .. The next step in the EEOC process is that the EEOC will trying to bring together parties in talks to resolve the situation. The Nurses Association welcomes the opportunity to Nurses Association, with the city and is on reaching a fair settlement for sisters and midwives.

The city has designated more than 300 jobs, particularly in male-dominated fields, such as physically demanding occupations welcomes the opportunity 25 years of service at age 50 to retire with a full pension. The physically demanding list includes tasks such as assistants mechanic and gardener, but not nurses and midwives, despite the fact that raising the nurses the equivalent of 1.8 tons per shift, spend the majority of of their shift on their feet, and are routinely dangerous both and exposed to stressful conditions.This is greater or lesser a new region, said Kerry Neville, a Seattle dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. There were some good research, and we will see, But there will tell how much of it will in fact be useful. . The nutrients in food have not intended to is consumed in a vacuum.

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