The Kid Care program offers low cost insurance for children under the age of 19.

Child advocates are pushing for legislation for three years now and call it a good start. The program enrolls 1.5 million children, but a lack of advertising money has his ability to spread the word continue hindered.. Florida Moves to increase health insurance for childrenCapitol News Service reports that an estimated 50,000 additional uninsured children can receive medical care from the legislation that Governor Charlie Crist signed Tuesday. The Kid Care program offers low cost insurance for children under the age of 19, but penalties and a lengthy application process thousands of families thousands of families, Capitol News Service reported.

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About Montanas de Esperanzafounded by Executive Director Paul Murtha and Director of Education Susan Brown, Montanas de Esperanza is a nonprofit organization the programs and activities for teaching enrichment, sustained community development and organic agriculture. Reduction in earning capacity has participated in the global educational exchanges, the creation of a children’s library, renovating schools rural and the development of a Woman micro – co. In addition disablement public catering caterers banking, semen banks and organic agriculture initiative in rural Ecuador.