The document outlines essential issues surrounding the management of AFib.

The document outlines essential issues surrounding the management of AFib, and recommends priority actions in the certain specific areas of policy, management, quality and education. For far too long, AFib has flown beneath the radar of several healthcare specialists, policymakers and the public, said Senator Bill Frist, M .D., former Senate Majority health and Leader policy advisor for AF Stat. AFib disproportionately impacts Medicare patients, the disease’s effect on both people and our healthcare system has never been completely defined or prioritized. Seen as a an irregular and fast heartbeat frequently, AFib may be the most common form of center arrhythmia.

These findings only may explain, to some extent, the increased in-hospital mortality of AF sufferers, remarks the team. Multivariate evaluation revealed that AF patients with at least three comorbidities had the greatest odds of in-hospital mortality compared with factors including medical center size, length of stay, race, and whether the hospital was a teaching hospital. The researchers think that exploring strategies that may minimize staffing variations and regionalization of treatment could potentially ‘bridge the gap’ in mortality that occurs between weekend and weekday AF patients.