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The Program in Geriatrics and Neuropsychiatry at the medical center includes more than 15 MD and PhD faculty members and received national and international recognition for the quality of their clinical care, teaching and research pills for male ed . The NIMH Training Grant supported the three-year appointment of three postdoctoral fellows skills for a successful skills for a successful, independent researchers. – ‘We are fortunate to have a large and growing research program in geriatric mental health in Rochester have ‘Lyness said. ‘To grow sustainably and our efforts, we need a supportive care environment for postdoctoral fellows in training. It has been harder than ever to to secure for young researchers, funding research projects to traditional doctoral programs. ‘.

Lyness also recently a related NIMH Mid – Career Investigator Award of $ 679th his efforts to mentor and to support young scientists to continue the study of depression in older adults.

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