St could help to detect cancerA test on a patients breathing was developed lung.

St could help to detect cancerA test on a patient’s breathing was developed lung, lung, colon and prostate cancer, a team of scientists have discovered.While these results are only preliminary, the study in the British Journal of Cancer released Wednesday that sensors would have to distinguish between the breath of healthy patients and those who have cancer.

– If we can confirm these initial results in large-scale studies, this new technology could be a simple tool for early diagnosis of cancer along with imaging.. – What doctors often struggle to do because of a lack of reliable methods could give The results of an inexpensive of an inexpensive, easy to use, portable and non-invasive test to diagnose cancer earlier in patients. – Kuten Professor Abraham, co-author of the study, at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology is based, said: This study shows ‘electronic nose’ can distinguish between healthy and malignant breath , and can also differentiate between the breath of patients with different cancer types.Said Kissela it is difficult to Himself Detroitwriter detail be found on the abstract. Click here to audio clips audio clips to perspective of these research out American Stroke Association spokesman Brian Silverlight, a neurologist, Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

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