Since zinc is used second most transition metal in biological systems.

Moreover, could the hemoglobin have even medical applications. Recent medical studies have focused on the worm large hexagonal hemoglobins as possible substitutes for oxygen carriers in human blood. ‘The newly characterized molecule much smaller than the hexagonal hemoglobin problems of removal by filtration reduces kidney, but is still six times as many active oxygen-bearing areas as human hemoglobin, ‘Flores adds.. Since zinc is used second most transition metal in biological systems, could be the characterization of hemoglobin structure, assembly and function provide a starting point for further study into the incorporation of metal ions into biological functions.

Further research with the hemoglobin could lead to its use in a variety of ways, including as a substitute for artificial oxygen carriers in human blood.. Tube worms living near hydrothermal vents and cold seeps in the world’s oceans need to sulfide levels that would be lethal to most aquatic organisms, while at the same time adapting sulfide molecules symbiotic bacteria in their body. A Penn State research team in collaboration with researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester and in the United Kingdom, reports a new mechanism for sulfide binding in the hemoglobins, the same molecules that carry oxygen to the worm ‘s own cells. The researchers reported.

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