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AAAS and companions to start online social-networking sites for researchers To help scientists and science trainees who hope to translate laboratory research into clinical medicine also to help minority scientists navigate their profession paths, AAAS, Science Careers, and Technology are launching a set of online social-networking sites. The systems have been designed to serve two distinctive groups: CTSciNet is a community for people pursuing careers in scientific and translational research, and MySciNet is normally a network centered on nurturing diversity in the scientific workforce . October by Science Careers They were launched 20, AAAS’s career development initiative. Both sites were developed by AAAS along with contributions from many scientific societies and with corporate and foundation funding.

An adolescent with pain in one knee and a limp A teenage boy presents with knee pain and a limp after a recently available fall, describing intermittent discomfort in the knee going back few months. How should he end up being investigated and what treatment will he need? Case presentation History A 15-year-old boy presents with remaining knee discomfort and a limp one week after dropping from his bicycle.