Says new research.

One of the largest studies to better link ‘the pill ‘and look like blood clots, showed the older formulas have a reduced risk, but the newer versions to perform better in terms of venous thromboembolism . The researchers emphasize that women should their doctor before you consult brands or formulas.. Almost 70 percent contraceptives Birth Control Pills double risk of blood clotsThe newer contraceptive pill appears to of of blood clots, says new research.

Medical records of more than 1.3 million women were enrolled in the study, with 30 percent have used of them before, hormonal contraception, while nearly 70 percent had used some form of hormonal contraception.Earlier research also have these receptors in the brain participate in the regulation of energy balance of and glucose metabolism in the body. If serotonine of Enabling this receptor well is known to about. Far was not clear which sort of neurons within the brain mediates the effect of serotonin on glucose and blood sugar regulate.

Joel Elmquist, professor for internal medicine and pharmacology UT Southwestern and senior author of the study. This discovery proves that drugs which influencing serotonin campaign to who anti-diabetic activities independent of body weight and dieting. .. The results, this week appears line in Nature Neuroscience, also offer may explain why people prescribed for certain kinds of anti – psychotic drugs, to serotonin signaling affect sometimes have problems with to metabolize, including weight gain and the development of diabetes. In this paper, we describing is a circuit the brain that can explain the anti-diabetic actions of serotonin – receptor signaling, said Dr.