Routine screening for prostate cancer consists of a PSA blood test and a digital rectal exam info.

Routine screening for prostate cancer consists of a PSA blood test and a digital rectal exam. Most doctors consider a PSA level of less than 4 info .0 as normal, however, Dr. Samadi with regard to a jump in PSA velocity to be a warning. For example, an increase in the PSA velocity of 0.8 a year to 1, dramatically affect a warning signal, a biopsy is required to test cancer cells. If treatment is necessary, there are ways for surgical removal of the prostate , with varying results, which can dramatically affect the recovery process and the quality of life. The most common treatment for prostate cancer the surgical removal of the prostate or prostatectomy is traditionally performed by open surgery, says Samadi. While the results of open surgery are generally very good, there are significant disadvantages For one thing, the surgeon makes one 8. Up to 10-inch incision, a 2-inch organ, the loss of blood about 20 about 20 % causing causing to remove a blood transfusion that large incision also means more pain and a higher risk of infection .

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