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According to Dr. Yvette Sheline, Professor of Psychiatry and Radiology at Washington University and lead writer on the study, ‘the important thing concerning this research is that none of the individuals had cognitive or behavioral abnormalities. This indicates that Alzheimer’s disease most likely begins quietly, clinically undetected, but slowly eroding human brain networks still.’ Thus, these findings additional underscore the need for having the ability to identify individuals at risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, and can aid researchers because they continue to work to understand the disruption in human brain functioning associated with Alzheimer’s disease..In addition, among patients who acquired viremia at one month following the initiation of ribavirin, the rate of sustained virologic response tended to be higher if indeed they received more than three months of ribavirin therapy than if they received the treatment for 3 months or less . However, the overall rate of sustained virologic response didn’t differ significantly between individuals who received ribavirin for 3 months or less and those who received it for a lot more than 3 weeks.