Question: Should I go to the emergency room if I have a high.

If you experience pain in the chest or abdomen are in pain, or if someone tries to see that you seem to be confused, more lethargic – for children when they are fussy and irritable and not action itself. If you are having a seizure or some other form of cramps, then times that I consider the emergency room. The emergency room. Those who propose to some serious complications of flu, or something else could go.. Question: Should I go to the emergency room if I have a high, persistent fever?Answer: What I would say, as far as making the decision to go to the emergency room, that if you have a persistent high fever, that you think dehydration dehydration if you have difficulty breathing when someone comments you ‘re looking rather blue in color or you to breathe rapidly.

In pain, or to the emergency room if I have high, persistent fever?Even if you have had flu symptoms and they seem better, but then a few days later high fever and cough high fever and cough again develop, that would be an indication should consult you you have more time now so called secondary infection – this a bacterial infection due to the first due to the first flu.In fact were observed in the undisturbed elderly persons Early Warning Of Alzheimer Be.

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