Project Manager UQ Associate Professor Peter Hill.

Project Manager UQ Associate Professor Peter Hill, said a team of more than 20 UQ and Vietnamese health and statistics experts would work together.Associate Professor Hill said improving cause of death data, the main focus of the project, but it was also about the allocation of right resources and health policy to areas of need in a cost effective manner. Interpretation of data ‘Vietnamese academic researchers and government officials are trained in policy, advanced mortality, burden of disease and cost-benefit analyzes, ‘Associate Professor Hill said. ‘By the end this project, they will be much stronger systems in terms of recording of mortality and in their local capacity to continue these studies, and interpretation of the data. ‘.

He said the Vietnam project arose from the Atlantic Philanthropies ‘ UQ scholarship program for Masters of Public Health and the links to the leading medical universities Vietnam.UQ will work mainly with Vietnam Ministry of Health, Hanoi Medical University, the Health Strategy and Policy Institute, Hanoi School of Public Health, the General Statistics Office and other medical universities.There is no known remedy. Quantification of ricin has medical applications as castor immunofusions to have been used as an anti – cancer agent. Via mass spectrometry research allows identifying testing have designed ricinene through protein recognition methods, the existing tests are generally slow, cumbersome and inaccurate.. Observe The researchers in a new trials in that ricin, a ribosomal inactivating protein found in castor beans, one of the agents most likely is to be used in acts of of aerosol or food-related biological terrorism.

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