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Michael E.So far in the U.S., Canada Assist Women Seeking Fertility Treatments With Monetary, Emotional SupportCanadian Fertility Assistance Fund In Canada, Cal Greene, medical director of the Regional Fertility Program in Calgary, a similar initiative called Generations of started Hope fertility Assistance Fund, which raises money for people who reported the fertility treatments, Toronto Globe and Mail. Greene said his goal is to increase to $ 500 by 2006 from individuals and companies. ‘Every day we sit across the table from people who have difficulty with the ability to afford fertility treatments, ‘Greene said, adding: ‘We have people who have sold their cars to people who have taken out a second mortgage her house. And some people do not have the resources to do all these things. ‘Greene initiative similar to the Fertility hope Fund , which was launched two years ago by the University of British Columbia Centre for Reproductive Health in Vancouver to life. So far , the center has raised $ 28,400. After Infertility Awareness Association of Canada, aims couples in Canada think of course, but only a small number of seek medical intervention. In vitro in vitro fertilization, including necessary medication can cost $ 5,000 to $ 8,350 in Canada, and most health plans do not cover the procedure (Walton, Globe and Mail.

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