One of the worlds most prestigious international awards in science and technology.

The Foundation awards the Japan Prize to scientists and experts in two types who annually, regardless of nationality, made substantial contributions with their field and to the global world. The 2011 Japan Prize laureates will each receive a certificate of acknowledgement and a commemorative gold medal at an award ceremony during Japan Prize Week in Tokyo on April 20, 2011. A cash award of 50 million Japanese yen will also be given to each field – this year the two laureates in each field will split the prize similarly. 2011 Japan Prize: Field of Information and Communications Dennis Ritchie, Ph.D., Distinguished Member of Technical Personnel Emeritus, Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent Inc., and Ken Thompson, Ph.D., Distinguished Engineer, Google Inc., had been honored with the 2011 Japan Prize in information and communications for developing the operating system , UNIX, in 1969 while experts at Bell Labs.However, complications occurred at rates that were lower than people with been reported previously,34,35 and the prices of all complications were related in the two study groups. Some limitations of our trial ought to be noted. First, because we were evaluating a neurosurgical procedure, the medical and surgical teams were obviously aware of study-group assignments, although the assessors weren’t. Second, one middle recruited several third of trial individuals. Third, there have been imbalances in a few baseline characteristics of the patients, specially the proportion of sufferers without pupil reactivity at medical center admission. However, after post hoc adjustment for this variable even, the entire effect size did not change, although the harmful effect of craniectomy was no more significant.