Notes:High Dose atorvastatin Decreases Cellular markers of immune activation.

In the study, researchers randomized 22 HIV-1 – infected patients not lower on antiretroviral therapy and those those required statin therapy in a double-blind protocol of high-dose atorvastatin or placebo for eight weeks. Another 8 weeks. Washout period, each group was switched to the other treatment for another 8 weeks. HIV-1 RNA levels were by the drug by the drug, but levels of such immune activation markers CD38 and HLA-DR were reduced on CD4 and CD8 T cells.. Notes:’High Dose atorvastatin Decreases Cellular markers of immune activation, without the HIV – 1 RNA levels: results of a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial ‘Editorial ‘statins as Anti-inflammatory Therapy in HIV disease? ‘Fast Facts: statins show potential the chronic the chronic immune activation observed in HIV-1 – infected patients.

Breast radiologists are highly susceptible to allegations of misconduct by claims resulting from the failure to detect cancer tumors. To reduce the risk of litigation, these specialists are constantly looking for ways improve improve the quality and reliability of diagnostic information. This desire is evident in the escalating demand for supplementary modalities such as breast MRI and scintimammography, and the popularity of computer-aided detection .On enlightening people Select connects the Histiocytosis Association Of America in raising awareness about a rare condition.

Since 1913, MARRIAGE had the recognized market leader an employee and individual health care schedule specially designed for the early detection of preventable diseases and risk factors, clinical management of health knowledge; referral resources, and Individual coaching intervention Programmes negative lifestyle practices associates with poor nutrition, lack of exercise and smoking. It’s nationally available PHP is one comprehensive, integrated approach for healthcare for the reduction and Governance of the future health claim expenses , increased productivity and improved overall life quality.

Together with Histiocytosis Association of America , MARRIAGE Select a helps to the word about a rare blood disease called histiocytosis.