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Is definitely the global innovator in medical research, but additional countries are getting up. If current styles continue, China shall outspend the U.S. On research and development by the entire year 2022. There can be an important role for federal government in fostering basic science. NIH research because the 1970s has greatly improved survival prices for many life-threatening illnesses and provided survivors a greatly improved standard of living, said medical analysis philanthropist, NIH financing advocate, and Work for NIH Advisory Committee member Michael Milken.In 216 of the 533 households , the index patient was the first case patient in family members and there was no missing info on symptoms or age group for any household member. Desk 2Desk 2Baseline Characteristics of family members Contacts, According to GENERATION. Shows the clinical and demographic characteristics of the household contacts for this subgroup of households. Among the 600 home contacts of the 216 index patients contained in the analysis, 78 had an severe respiratory illness and 60 got an influenza-like illness. There have been 156 households where an acute respiratory illness developed in none of the household contacts, 46 households in which an acute respiratory disease developed in one contact, and 14 households where an acute respiratory disease developed in several contact .