New statistics released by respiratory professionals show hairdressers.

Latest studies have found that occupational asthma can vary in intensity, and may disappear once a person quits the work but there is evidence that those that stay in the job for a long time after they first develop the problem, could still have the problem long once they quit. The survey, funded by the Cooperative Research Center for Asthma and Airways, is published in the current edition of the journal, Occupational Medicine.. 1 in 10 adults develop asthma at their workplace According to Australian experts as much as 1 in 10 Australians who develop asthma because an adult may blame it on the workplace. New statistics released by respiratory professionals show hairdressers, spray painters and other folks working with chemicals are at greater threat of developing asthma. It’s estimated that more than two million Australians have asthma and around 40 per cent developed the condition as an adult.More re.

AAPHP urges FDA to reclassify electronic cigarette as tobacco product The American Association of Open public Health Physicians submitted a petition to the US Food and Medication Administration on February 23rd in response with their official stance concerning electronic cigarettes. They cite many worries, including legal, ethical, epidemiological, medical, and the impact on public health the products could have later on. The AAPHP’s recent petition dealt with their request that the FDA reclassify the merchandise from a ‘drug-device combination’ to a ‘tobacco item.’ They are currently urging all supporters of electronic smoking cigarettes to keep the FDA comments on the docket for his or her petition so the will of the people could be made known.