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Remember: most of us have cancerous cells inside our bodies. Every single day, you have cancer. But each day, your body cures it and leaves you in a continuing state of health. Classical cancer is merely a convenient label directed at a couple of symptoms that appear when your body stops curing its cancer. That’s usually caused, by the way, by dietary elements such as following the standard American diet plan of processed foods, carbonated drinks, red meats and cow’s milk. Here’s another thing that’s really sad about all of this: the cancer remedies promoted by western medicine are precisely ones that suppress the immune system and leave the individual even more susceptible to infections and cancer! Chemotherapy, for example, practically destroys the immune system.Bucindolol may be the Company’s investigational, pharmacologically unique, beta-blocker and gentle vasodilator. An SPA is an contract with the FDA that the proposed trial process design, clinical endpoints and statistical analyses are suitable to support regulatory approval. In 2009 November, the Company announced that the FDA provides designated as an easy Track development system the investigation of bucindolol for the reduced amount of cardiovascular mortality and cardiovascular hospitalizations in a genotype-defined heart failure populace.