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Therefore, identifying early that a teen is participating in a risky behavior may prevent that behavior from getting the gateway to help expand risky behaviors,’ says business lead writer Celia Lescano, PhD with the Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center and The Warren Alpert Medical College of Brown University. In the April 2007 problem of the journal Kid Psychiatry and Human Development This study appeared. Prior research indicates that teens who take part in one risky behavior will be involved in others and that has an additive effect. The authors note that risk behaviors among teens are prevalent and will lead to improved morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs, so determining and coping with problematic issues because they arise can help teenagers be safer and healthier.7.Practice safe and sound sex. Sexually-transmitted diseases are probably the most easily preventable infectious disease. By being smart about secure sex , transfer of infectious viruses or bacteria in one person to another can be prevented. 8.Don't pick your nose . It’s not only a social taboo, nonetheless it network marketing leads to the spread of a number of infections also. Look around, and you'll notice how many people have their hands next to their faces. Many microbes prefer the warm, moist environment within your nose, as well as other mucous-covered surfaces such as your mouth and eyes. Infections can be easily prevented by avoiding touching of these areas. 9.Exercise caution with animals. Infections that may spread from pets to people are called zoonotic diseases and are more common than a lot of people realize.