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Seventy-three % of primary energy queries occurred on the street and more than half of the inter – hospital transfers of air services of air services.

Is a total loss of 6,360 acute bed – days in hospital, of whom 734 were in intensive care. O’Connor said current expenses for retrieval and transportation costs could be reduced by more efficient trauma management systems. possible to prevent possible to prevent or delay patient transport from regional, rural and remote health care facilities through the use of telemedicine and teleradiology. .In A convoy of three truckloads, implementation food assistance as well as 5,000 ceilings and 5,000 sleeping mattresses behalf of the United Nations Refugee , the Benghazi the twenty seventh March came – first since the implementation which no-fly zone in Libya.

$ 42 million emergency operation is designed to food assistance for over one million Libyan people, by more than 2,500 and Tunesien offer over a period of three months of.

Gery Barry, BCBS Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum, Y of direct initiatives in order could be used the quality of and efficiency of health care search to enhance.. WFP pre-positioned and mobilized more than 16,500 tons of food for the hungry in Libya and in the whole region as part of the U.S.