Genetic diseases

Genetic diseases. To good researchers in Japan and Canada, is a key component of the quality control mechanism that operates in human cells discovered discovery Cell ‘ Quality Control ‘ mechanism treatments for cystic treatments for cystic fibrosis, other genetic diseases . The breakthrough a significant impact on a significant impact on the development of new treatments for cystic fibrosis and some other hereditary diseases, the researchers said. Their results were published in July 25 in the journal Science. Kazahiro Nagata and colleagues at Kyoto University and the Japan Science Technology Agency, David Thomas and Dr. Gregor Jansen at McGill University in Montreal , have played the important role of an enzyme inside the cell than ERdj5 discovered endoplasmic reticulum . ER acts as a type of packaging plant, and for the distribution of proteins prepared folds inside or outside the cell. But when proteins are misfolded in the ER destroyed destroyed in a degradation process – and that’s where ERdj5 comes into play. – ERdj5 as a quality control inspector is, explained Dr. Recycled.epartment of Biochemistry and Canada Research Chair in Molecular Genetics. If you owned ever an AMC Pacer and now drive a BMW, you know, can make the difference quality control. This is what does ERdj5, she knows when degrades a protein ‘ manufacturing fault ‘ and before they can be distributed. .

The first course – held July 17 to 20 at Sokoine University in Morogoro, Tanzania, will be followed by a second ASCB short course at a West African university in 2009. Additional workshops and courses are take in the coming years. Other destinations will be selected in partnership with sub-Saharan African universities. The selected locations are those in which faculty have already succeeded in modernizing some facilities and providing aspects of an up-to-date education in biology. ASCB will provide technology and training with his courses, expand talented and enterprising African scientists and deepen the work that they have already begun sometimes against strong odds.

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