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For more information, please visit erectional dysfunction .USA Today Profiles HIV / AIDS expert Jim CurranUSA Today profiled on Monday Jim Curran, former head of of CDC HIV / AIDS Task Force in the early 1980s and now dean of public health at Emory University and director of the University center for AIDS Research. Curran is one of the few scientists and activists attending which XVI International AIDS Conference, the reported in a position from the outset in the development of[the] devastating reflect HIV / AIDS epidemic, USA Today. And and other CDC experts explaining how AIDS spreads, mak[ing] the case that a virus causes the disease and[write] the first recommendations to limit its spread, great progress to means, so USA Today. Curran was the head of a sexually transmitted infection research at CDC in 1978, and its first decision, was $ 2 million for a study on sexually transmitted infection treatment clinics assigned at a for a hepatitis vaccine in men with men with men. Through the study , he made contacts with physicians, the treatment of sexually transmitted hepatitis in the gay community were and he was able to be in contact with the doctors when the HIV / AIDS cases appeared, USA Today reports. Although Curran is considered a pioneer in the fight against HIV / AIDS, he describes chaotic scenes at a conference daily video daily video round up of conference highlights.

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Scientists are developing first antibodies, of the only known cause of in ALS recognizes.

ALS is one of ongoing and most fatal neurological disease nerves and muscles. Nerves and muscles. Currently there are no known cure or effective treatments. The latest discoveries to the online edition of by Nature Medicine on 7 published published are significant as it provide the first worldwide tool for the detection of improperly folded conformational the enzyme superoxide dimutase – 1 . Mutations in the SOD1 responsible for around one to two % all the ALS cases. permit The antibody researchers the examine whether the misfolded is involved SOD1 into other forms of THAN, said Professor Janice Robertson Canada Research Chair in the molecular mechanics of the THAN the Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Disorders, and biochemical authors of the report. This is important in order to determine if there with ALS SOD1 cases is not caused by mutations in the SOD1 relevant. If this is the case, then the antibodies may be used potentially into biomarker to facilitate early diagnosis of the disease. .