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Changes in cultural attitudes toward obesity, changes in food policy, implementation of methods to identify people in risk for type 2 diabetes and support for behavioral change could be beginning to have an effect on the twin epidemics of weight problems and type 2 diabetes, Herman suggested. Although improvement has been made, expanded and sustained efforts shall be had a need to address these pressing health issues, he said.. Fifty % of U.S.Goldfarb said the center did an all-feminine cross-sectional survey of females who’ve breast lymphoma or malignancy. The survey discovered that 76 % of females – including those who completed treatment – – got some kind of sexual dysfunction. Some common sexual problems that women might experience after and during cancer treatment can include decreased libido, vaginal dryness, pre-to-post menopausal position, difficulty with arousal, and pain during intercourse. ‘When you started asking them what triggered their problems, what caused their sexual dysfunction, it was not merely the chemotherapy and rays therapy and the surgery, but it was their anxiety about the cancer diagnosis, their change in relationship with their partners. So it is psychosocial partially, partially physical and very multi-factorial, ‘Goldfarb said.