Eighty-six % of the teachers supplement clean classrooms are janitorial services in schools.

– Eighty-four % of teachers say that parents send a sick child to school all or some of the time due to the fact that a child not able to stay at home. – Eighty-six % of the teachers supplement clean classrooms are janitorial services in schools. Eighty % of teachers gave help at hand disinfectant gel to clean hands of children. Fourteen % of teachers correctly identified the drinking fountain as one of the ‘germiest ‘surfaces in school. About hygiene,-germ survey by NSF International found that the fountain, the most germs , every surface in a school.

NSF International , an independent, not-for – profit organization, recently conducted a survey of 500 K-5 teachers about the battle about the battle to beat germs in U.S. According to the teacher survey found NSF, that almost half of primary school teachers say , it is more difficult, washing your hands soap when washing your hands when it came to them to be doing their homework, although almost all teachers to talk to her students about hand washing. Handwashing is the easiest, most important thing we of the disease prevent the spread of the disease, but kids are kids and they do not always remember should hands when they should, said William Fisher, vice President of NSF International.C Song, Bang JK, parking HK, forefather H J Urol. 2008 November twelfth Epub ahead of print. Doi: 10.030.

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