Donal OCarroll and Alexander Tarakhovsky report within an upcoming issue of G&D.

Rather, Dr. O’Carroll and co-workers discovered that Ago2 regulates miRNA biogenesis in blood cells. ‘Our results suggest that the effector function of miRNA in somatic cells relies mainly on translational control of gene expression instead of on destruction of the mRNA targets. This locating may push rethinking of current approaches for the identification of miRNA targets in cells with individual miRNA overexpression or deficiency,’ explains Dr. Tarakhovsky.. Ago2 and hematopoiesis Argonaute 2 is exclusive among its family: It’s the only 1 of the 4 mammalian Argonaute proteins that exhibits endonuclease ‘slicer’ activity . However, as Drs. Donal O’Carroll and Alexander Tarakhovsky report within an upcoming issue of G&D, Ago2’s defining characteristic is surprisingly nonessential because of its function in hematopoiesis and miRNA biogenesis.He’s a 2005 recipient of the ASHP Table of Directors Award of Honor.

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