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This is that I personalize the presentation of information about the efficacy of different cancer interventions just be with my patients on the limitations and ambiguity of such evidence, and discuss with them their own preferences. An understandingsing lessons learned from the controversy over the recent mammography screening guidelines learned Dr. Remarked poorly served poorly served when assessments of clinical effectiveness are politicized for doctors and patients alike have confidence in the evidence must Doctors know that it was developed by a process independent of political pressure.. Run regular individual assessment of the risk of breast cancer as a decision aid about mammography screening help.Inform women in this age group about the possible benefits and harms of screening mammography.Base screening mammography decisions on benefits and harms of screening as well as a woman’s preferences and breast cancer risk profile.– Harry G. Webster, Rose Marie Thomas Chair, Division of Virology, Jew Children ‘s Research Hospital, consultant the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases , and director of the U.S. Collaborating Center the WHO approach to the animal ecology of influenza viruses.

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