Charles Huskins.

The median proportions of sufferers with positive surveillance cultures were 46 percent in intervention ICUs and 38 percent in control ICUs for recognition of MRSA at admission ; 62 percent and 77 percent in the two groups, respectively, for recognition of VRE at admission ; 77 percent and 86 percent in the particular groups for recognition of a new MRSA event ; and 100 percent and 99 percent in the respective groups for detection of a fresh VRE event . Assignment of Precautions Categories Patients who were colonized or infected with MRSA or VRE were assigned to expanded barrier precautions more frequently in intervention ICUs than in control ICUs.Rascol. Delaying disease progression is the most important unmet want in the administration of Parkinson’s disease, stated Prof. C. Warren Olanow, chairman and professor of the Division of Neurology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY, and ADAGIO co-principal investigator. The ADAGIO study, among the largest executed in Parkinson’s disease, included 1,176 patients with extremely early Parkinson’s disease in 14 countries and 129 medical centers who were randomized to receive rasagiline 1 or 2 2 mg/time for 72 weeks or placebo for 36 weeks followed by rasagiline one or two 2 mg/time for 36 weeks .