But once the decline begins it occurs faster.

Specialists believe a mix of genetic and environmental factors can affect dementia risk. The analysis is released in the journal Neurology.. An improved education means dementia comes later but when it can it’s faster According to new study a high level of education delays a decline in storage as people age, but once the decline begins it occurs faster. A new study from america has discovered that among a combined band of seniors with dementia, those with higher levels of education acquired a delayed, but steeper, decline in memory in the years leading up to their dementia diagnosis. Dr. Charles B. Hall, an associate professor of epidemiology and populace wellness at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, says the study discovered that a person with 16 years of formal education would encounter a rate of memory decline that is 50 % faster than someone with simply four years of education.This is just what we did with our Alzheimer’s vaccination plan and the outcome in the Stage I trials at this time enabled us to make this decision sooner than we expected and to offer a booster vaccination to the Advertisement02-treated patients. Finally, we can also redirect our resources which will now be available for our various other vaccination programs. AFFiRiS AG can invest all of the EUR 10 million also, paid by licensing partner GSK Biologicals as a milestone payment for the positive completion of the Stage I research, in the various other R&D applications.