AVMA offers ideas to avoid dog bites Of the 4.

Don’t bother a dog that is sleeping, caring or eating for puppies. People choosing to most dogs should obtain permission from the dog owner first and often let a doggie see and sniff them before petting the pet. If you believe a dog is going to attack you, make an effort to place something between yourself and the dog, such as a backpack or a bike. If you are knocked down by a pet, curl right into a ball and protect that person with your hands. How to be a Responsible PET OWNER Obedience training can teach dogs appropriate behavior and help owners control their dogs.Recognized to contain sugar, diabetics ought never to drink too much alcohol, but recent study has found that a little wine added to the diabetic diet isn’t detrimental – in fact it may be beneficial. The scholarly study was carried out on 11 000 individuals. Dr. Grahame Hillis who co-authored the research said candidates who had a moderate intake of wine saw an increase in sensitivity to insulin which, for type 2 diabetics, is a good thing. So wine is an acceptable diabetic gift, as long as it really is appreciated in moderation. I’d imagine a wine would be a nice Christmas gift for a diabetic.