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‘people are leaving and more persistent problems by stressed and anxious, begin when allergy attacks have, ‘Kiecolt-Glaser said.The researchers estimate that Americans pay $ 2300000000 for allergy medications each year and $ 1 medical visits medical visits for allergy attacks These amounts do not include approximately 3.5 million working days lost, and.. ‘Antihistimines not do with these symptoms the next day.

Partner Ronald Glaser, director of the University Institute of Behavioral Medicine Research, they stimulated cells taken from subjects and then measured the levels of cytokines such as interleukin-6 that the cells produced.

Lymphocytes taken from participants during the study showed increased levels of cytokines like. IL-6 High concentrations of IL-6 are part of an allergic reaction to an allergen, said Glaser Researchers catecholamines called stress hormones measured , and they were also increased. He suggests that the raised levels of these compounds are responsible for the effects seen in the late phase reaction – .

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