Amyloidosis is a disease process

Amyloidosis is a disease process, which have the deposit of normal or mutant proteins, In this badly. In this unstable state, such proteins form hair-like fibers or fibrils in in vital organs such as the heart, kidneys, pancreas and brain . This process leads to organ failure and ultimately death. There are many types of amyloid-related diseases besides rheumatoid arthritis, Within eight weeks, Alzheimer’s disease, adult onset diabetes diabetes, an illness related to multiple myeloma called primary or AL amyloidosis, a disease which has a particular focus of study in the Solomon laboratory. – a culinary delight foie gras from massively enlarged fatty livers of ducks and geese is come. It is produced by feeding the birds over several weeks. Solomon and his research team analyzed commercially sold foie gras from the U.S. And France and found it to be called a type of AA amyloid contain. Amyloid deposits are commonly found in waterfowl, but this condition is noticeably increased in force-fed animals. In their study, mice were injected prone to develop AA amyloidosis or amyloid extracted from foie gras supplied. Within eight weeks, a majority of the animals developed extensive amyloid deposits in the liver, intestines and other organs.

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