AMDL Diagnostics to spotlight in vitro diagnostic cancer tests AMDL Inc.

; Onko-Sure is Safe and sound, Easy, Reliable and LOW PRICED Early assessment prolongs life and saves cash; Onko-Sure boosts your doctor’s diagnostic process; and The EASY Onko-Sure IVD cancer test should be added to all annual physicals for women and men older than 40 years aged according to certain health care agencies. For additional information on AMDL and AMDL Diagnostics Inc. Please contact AMDL Trader Relations at ‘> or by calling 206.310.5323.. AMDL Diagnostics to spotlight in vitro diagnostic cancer tests AMDL Inc. , a US-based pharmaceutical firm with major functions in China, announced the inauguration of AMDL Diagnostics Inc.But Sadayappan and other scientists are actively researching how cMyBP-C functions. And improved understanding of this crucial proteins, Sadayappan said, may lead to new drugs to treat heart failure. Next yr is the 40th anniversary of the discovery of cMyBP-C, and scientists still have much to learn about the function of this protein in the center. Sadayappan’s lab is helping lead just how by investigating the cardiomyopathy disease system that could lead to brand-new therapies to boost muscle function in center failure sufferers. His long-term goal is to keep his cutting edge laboratory research to delineate the part of cMyBP-C protein function in the center. Sadayappan’s review content was published in the January, 2010 issue of the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Cardiology..