Affymetrix launches new Axiom myDesign TG Arrays for targeted genotyping market Affymetrix.

This most recent advancement allows experts to design custom arrays to genotype 1,500 to 2.6 million markers per sample and rapidly transition from genome-wide scans to specific disease analyses with different experimental approaches on a single platform. Axiom myDesign TG Arrays can help experts to quickly evaluate interesting variants from their GWAS, sequencing and candidate gene initiatives without limiting the real number of markers within their study, stated Andy Last, Chief Industrial Officer of Affymetrix. Customers who would like to add recently discovered content once they complete the original design can benefit from our new flexible content capability without switching platforms.But this increased threat of death was not seen among patients who took a class of antibiotics called macrolides, such as azithromycin and clarithromycin , tuesday at a meeting of the European Respiratory Society in Amsterdam according to the study presented. Short and long-term contact with polluting of the environment has been linked to a rise in deaths from respiratory illnesses, particularly among vulnerable populations. Lung transplant sufferers are among the most vulnerable because they have weakened immune systems due to the immunosuppressive drugs they have to try prevent organ rejection, study writer Dr.