Adventurous eaters may be healthier Food lovers tend to be associated with over-indulgence.

The outcomes showed that the foodies in the group ranked themselves as healthier eaters, more active physically, and more worried about the healthfulness of their food when compared with non-adventurous eaters. Adventurous eaters also had a somewhat lower BMI. These findings are important to dieters because they display that promoting adventurous eating might provide a way for folks – especially women – to reduce or maintain excess weight without feeling limited by a strict diet, study co-writer Brian Wansink said in a statement. Lauren Graf, scientific dietitian for the Cardiac Wellness Program at Montefiore Health Program in NEW YORK, said she often counsels her individuals to try new, more varied foods to help them develop healthier practices. Branching out previous your comfort zone encourages you to develop a taste for foods that tend healthier and even more nutrient-wealthy, she told CBS News.This program will provide health care coverage for about 5,000 uninsured Illinoisans, spending money on comprehensive benefits, hospital care and prescription drugs until the healthcare law fully kicks in 2014 and nobody can be denied coverage on the basis of health. Although this program cannot cover every uninsured Illinoisan, it will provide important relief for many of those who have had the hardest time buying affordable healthcare coverage. On behalf of our 1.7 million Illinois members, AARP commends the continuing state for taking the steps needed to help uninsured people get the coverage they need, and joins the Illinois Section of Insurance in urging the general public to help with making sure friends, relatives and family members who are uninsured apply for the program.