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Open piles of magnesium oxide, which are said to be housed in huge containers encircling the barrels, have also been discovered, with no explanation as to where their containers proceeded to go. According to the Albuquerque Journal, these magnesium oxide hand bags think about to 4,200 pounds each and so are normally placed atop nuclear waste materials storage containers to avoid radioactive material from being released in to the environment over a 10,000-year period. Several of the bags were discovered to be grossly disturbed, with their outer materials disintegrating. Hundreds of nuclear waste materials barrels at risk of explosion At least 368 drums of nuclear waste are said to be at risk of a chemical response at WIPP, according to federal officials. If remaining unaddressed, these drums could cause an environmental disaster if radioactive plutonium, americium and various other harmful components make their way from the repository and into groundwater or open air.However, if you start to experience them when you are not currently on your own period you is going see your physician immediately. The pains may not be related to ovarian cancer however your doctor can perform the checks and inform you for sure. I hope this article has given you an improved insight in to some of the potential warning signs for ovarian cancer. Whilst your first instinct could be to brush these symptoms of as the result PMS, you should step back again and think for a second before doing this. If there is no logical reason behind these symptoms the probabilities are something is not right then. They might be nothing to do with ovary cancer nonetheless it is far better to see your physician and get a conclusive, professional opinion on the matter.