According to a fresh survey released by the U.

Its restaurants in Latin America provide option of vegetables in Content Meals, and it announced on Tuesday that beginning in October, it shall add a serving of fruit, which will change based on the season. In France, there are more than 300 feasible kids’ meal mixtures that including a rotating menu of options which range from cherry tomatoes to pineapples to melon slices. In Italy, McDonald’s gives kiwi on a stay. Happy Meals in Australia now include apple slices also, and many Parts of asia present cups of corn within their Happy Meals.. 78 % increase in childhood autism rates over past 10 years coincides with sharp uptick in vaccination schedules The rate of autism among American kids has nearly doubled in the last decade, according to a fresh survey released by the U.S.CBS Information correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook investigated what’s behind the shortage – – and what’s being carried out about it. Even though 8-month-old Elena Schoneveld was identified as having leukemia, her devastated parents had been hopeful. The fact of the matter is usually it’s curable, her father Tag Schoneveld explained. There are a lot of cancers that aren’t curable. So, in regards to leukemia, we feel – – in a weird way – – lucky a track is had by them record of curing it. The cure depends on a cocktail of chemotherapy medications. But, among the crucial medicines, methotrexate, is working out. Children will die because they can not obtain methotrexate, Dr. Jon Maris said.