About BasileaBasilea Pharmaceutica Ltd.

Is an integrated biopharmaceutical company in Basel, Switzerland, based on the SWX Swiss Exchange . The fully integrated research and development operations are on on fighting new antibacterial and antifungal drugs for the treatment of resistant and on the development of dermatology drugs. Basilea products are targeted to satisfy high medical and patient needs in the hospital and specialty care setting to meet. The company owns a diversified portfolio including two pre-registration drugs and one phase III development. The company is currently building its sales and marketing organization. Alitretinoin and to co-promote ceftobiprole..

This new triazole as a water-soluble prodrug, the potential intravenous administration in patients with renal insufficiency may develop. Further when as once a day or once a week capsule taken the prodrug. In rapid absorption and distribution of isavuconazole to infected tissue Basilea successfully completed its phase II trial in esophageal candidiasis with both high clinical cure rates and a safety profile comparable to gold standard fluconazole therapy. Clinical drug interaction studies have attractive pharmacokinetic properties and the potential for less drug interactions, of broad-spectrum of broad-spectrum antifungal drugs in current use.EFSA staff growth further in 2008, having 63 percent of its 395 employees at the field of science dual of new scientific fora were created and seven new members were elected the Board authority of titanium Chairman Chairman. – fast-track method were performed on a series of occasions at 2008 enables you which authority of urgent scientific advice about European decision-makers on topics such as Melamin at Chinese milk products, contamination of of Ukraine sunflower and dioxins providing reacted in Irish pork.