A new corporate partnership program.

AAFP and Coca-Cola Company announce new corporate partnership program The American Academy of Family Doctors today announced the buyer Alliance, a new corporate partnership program, using its first alliance partner, The Coca-Cola Company. The Consumer Alliance is an application which allows corporate partners like The Coca-Cola Company to utilize the AAFP to educate consumers about the function their products can perform in a healthy, active lifestyle. As part of this partnership, The Coca-Cola Company is providing a grant to the AAFP to build up consumer education articles on beverages and sweeteners for FamilyDoctor.org, an award-winning consumer health and wellness resource.D., president-elect of the AAFP. Rhona Applebaum, vice president and chief scientific and regulatory officer at The Coca-Cola Company.Removing GMOs from nutritional products like infant formulation can only advantage Abbott, says Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow. As fresh and credible scientific problems are raised, consumers are demanding to get a choice in what foods they consume and feed their own families. Abbott has an opportunity to lead the market in being proactive on this important concern. You can read the official news release from As You Sow here: Do something At this point to demand that GMOs end up being taken off SimilacBecause the company can be an industry leader in the baby formula market, Abbott’s potential decision to remove GMOs from its products could set a fresh precedent for the entire industry to follow.