A birth defect that causes the airway to collapse.

April and Bryan Gionfriddo believed their boy's potential for survival was slim until Marc Nelson, a health care provider at Akron Children's Medical center in Ohio, mentioned experts from the University of Michigan were tests airway splints similar to those used in Wheeler's study. After obtaining crisis clearance from the Medication and Food Administration, Hollister and Green used computer-guided lasers to print, stack, and fuse thin layers of plastic to create up Kaiba's splint.Each and every time you inhale the smoke cigarettes from a cigarette these carcinogens proceed right to your lungs greatly increasing the opportunity of cancerous growths in the tiny cells of your lungs. Therefore, by quitting smoking you can lower your likelihood of developing SCLC significantly. 2) AVOID OTHER HARMFUL SUBSTANCES: – Although smoking is the most significant risk factor for SCLC there are a variety of other chemicals that have been linked with this problem. Uranium, radon and asbestos are thought to boost your odds of contracting SCLC. When combined with smoking these substances are usually an even more significant SCLC risk. Therefore, by avoiding these chemical substances you might help prevent little cell lung cancer. 3) EAT MORE VEGETABLES AND FRUIT: – Although the research is not conclusive numerous studies have suggested that fruits and vegetables can help prevent SCLC.